The Top 5 Most Useful Gadgets for Kitchen


Today, there is a kitchen gadget available for just about everyone. Kitchen tools are highly essential for making your task painless. Whether you are a professional chef or just a cook at home, you need some useful kitchen gadgets to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. There are a huge number of utensils and tools used to organize a kitchen. Most of the people probably don’t use all of them. Here we have a list of top five tools that are really essential and genius.

Stainless steel apple corer:

People generally use a knife or sharp tool for coring apple and pear. These tools are often responsible for wounds and cuts. Here comes the need for a safe corer that makes coring easy and effortless. Apple corer has a large hole along with an easy grip handle that helps coring any apple quickly. One of the important aspects of this tool is its size. It’s portable and easy to store. This is the reason why people call it a space saver kitchen tool.

Let’s have a look at its material and strength. Apple corer won’t rust, because they are made from stainless steel. They won’t bend or break under pressure.

Advantages: Stainless steel corers won’t allow apple to turn brown due to the food grade metal. This is effortless cleaning and dishwasher safe.

Salad spinner:

Keeping a salad spinner in your kitchen will save you time and money. Generally, everyone loves a salad spinner, because it works as a spinner as well as a container. It’s a bowl-like tool that helps spinning salad quickly.

Reusable nut milk bag:

Reusable nut milk┬ábag is perfect for steeping cold brew coffee as well as straining juice, or nut milk. It can also be used as a yogurt strainer. These bags last for a long time and prevent bacteria formation in corners. It’s a great tool to keep your family healthy.

Can opener:

This is probably a small tool, but highly important for opening beer, and other such bottle caps. Often people try to open metal caps using their teeth that results in nothing but breaking of teeth. If you want to avoid this unwanted situation, keep one can opener in your kitchen.

Manual juicer:

You may have a juicer powered by electricity, but having a manual juicer will save you time and money. You don’t have to be dependent on electricity when you have a manual tool. Take this juicer wherever you go and have fresh juice every time.

Apart from the above, there are also a number of other essential gadgets like cheese slicer, garlic press and peeler, potato masher, etc. The primary consideration while buying these tools is picking stainless steel and guaranteed products.